Monday, June 28, 2010

And My Next Review Will Be...Bunny Breeze

This beauty will be my next review from EdenFantasys. It should be here Thursday or Friday this week. I'll test drive it a lot over the weekend and post the review next week.
So, you're wondering what happened about review the lingerie. Well, either they didn't have my size or in took a month to get here. I didn't want to wait there long. So, I went with a fun toy that I can enjoy every day of the week. There you have it.

Isn't it nice!


xoxo, Crystal

Friday, June 11, 2010

My lil sexy bra and panties!!!

My lil sexy bra and panties!!!

Today I'm  going to be telling you all about this sexy sweet little number by Coquette and provided to me by Eden Fantasys.

Ok, where to start? You are probably looking at the photos. That's good, because that's the sexy bra and panty set. I know, a lot of you have already seen these pics but I think you will still enjoy seeing them.

 I was so excited when I received this set in the mail. Immediately I say to  "yay, it's here, my new sexy" and up to the bedroom I go to try it on. It fits great. A little play time and I know it's one of my favorite sets. Just look how sexy it is, how could I not love it. And lover love seeing it on me also. The panties didn't stay on very long, the bra got to have more fun though. hehe

Now let me tell you about the set itself. We'll start with the bra. The has ruffles lining the top of the cups and up the straps. Black mesh lined with pink. By the way, Pink and black are my favorite colors for lingerie. I other colors also, but they're my fav. Ok, back to it now. It has a satin pink bow in the middle of the cups. The cups have under wires and they have very soft pink lining on the inside. The outside has the black flower pattern lace over the pink lining. Oh, almost forgot about the sides. They are black mush lined with pink, (what else). Now, if you are looking to have a lot of support (other than special hands) the cups don't have a large amount of that. You probably won't be wearing it that long anyway. If you're lucky.

Now,  for the panties. They are also lined inside with soft pink, like the bra. They have the black lace over the pink lining also. It's a thong, a very comfortable thong at that. The panties have 4 rows of ruffles all the way around them with a pink satin bow in the back.
You should hand wash this sexy lil bra and panty set!

I have worn the bra and panties out, under a black dress. See an older posts for pics of  the black dress. The bra worked wonderful for me. I was having a sexy evening and wanted to look and feel as
sexy as I could. And let me tell you he really really loved seeing me in them. He also really loved helping me out of them.

One of the Best Nights Ever!!! 

product picture
Bra and panty set by Coquette
Material: Mesh / Lycra
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.