Saturday, April 17, 2010

Silky like the real thing, baby!!!!! Oh yes, it is!!!!

Silky like the Real Thing Baby!!!

And oh it is, just like the real thing!!!!! I have to tell you about a new dildo I received from They sent it to me free in exchange for my opinion/review on it. So, here we go. Techno stuff out of the way first.

The name of this toy is Silky by Vibratex. Vibratex makes “The Finest Japanese Pleasure Toys Since 1983”. The Silky is made of 100% elastomer. It has no latex, phthalates, or chemical smalls. Elastomer is very soft, smooth and velvety that feels so much like a real penis. It really does! It’s very sensuous to the touch and to squeeze. The shaft has the contours like raised veins just like a real penis. The head is crested and the back has a ridge down the length. It has kind of a dull dusty look to it, that’s the way it should be. I washed mine a few times, thinking it would get shiny or something. No, that’s the way it is.

Silky is bendable. It has a metal spine that allows you bend it how you like it. Bend it like your partners penis, make it straight or give it a really nice curve to hit your G-spot. And it stays that way!!!

With Silky you can use water and silicone based lubricants. I use Maximus with mine. Silky is very easy to clean with mild soap and warm water and should be done after each use. You can also use a toy cleaner. Do not boil or bleach or even put in the dishwasher as it would not be kind to your toy.

If you plan on sharing your Silky or using it for anal play, you should use a condom over it each time. This is because it can’t be fully sterilized.

Store your Silky separately from other toys that contain phthalates and other types of chemicals. I store mine in a plastic bag.

Silky is 7” inches long, 6” inches insertable length, 5” inches circumference and 1 5/8” inches in diameter. It is harness compatibility/ O-ring compatible.

OK, I think I got all the techno stuff out of the way.

Now on to the good stuff!!

I love, love, love this Silky toy! It feels like a real penis. It really does, it feels like the real thing! Soft, smooth and silky you can squeeze and play with it like the real. The great thing is it doesn’t go soft on you. YEAH! Oh my gosh, you can have multiple orgasms. Since the base is just like the rest, it feels like skin against your clit. Clitoral orgasms, many and G-spot orgasms. One of the most wonderful things is that you can bend this baby just how you want it. Since I received it a couple of weeks ago, it’s been the only toy I’ve used, sometimes twice a day. It’s that great, at least that’s my opinion.


On the Crystal scale: I give Silky 5 crystal stars!

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  1. yep, your hands would feel just about right on my real thing :)

  2. Vibratex makes some cool toys. That's a good looking dildo!