Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taffy for your Tushy and Candy for your Coochy!

What do I want to get?
You decided for your next toy you wanted to try something a little different than the other toys you have, which by the way are all some kind of vibe. So, you set out to search all the unusual looking dildos at EdenFantasys. Well, there are quite a few. You finally picked out the Taffy Tickler - Silicone Sugar, made by Topco Sales. It looks very intriguing and pleasing to the eye and you can’t wait to get your hands on it.

What’s it feel like? Is it pretty?

Your new toy arrives and you have to open it right away. So run up to your bedroom, tear open the USPS package and find your new Taffy Tickler Silicone Sugar inside. Taking it out of its own little package you run your hands up and down the shaft. It feels so good! And, of course it’s pretty. Read on and I’ll tell you.

It’s beautiful! So, what’s it made out of?

The whole shaft is made of clear Cyberglass; it’s very cool and smooth to the touch. Then it has four bands in one inch intervals of alternating dark blue and light blue medical grade silicone ticklers. They kind of look like when you eat salt water taffy and pull it apart and it leaves spiky dollop looking things. They’re not as soft as I thought they would be. They’re not hard either. I guess that leaves in between. They feel really pretty neat. Like little squishy spiky things.

What size is it?

The Taffy Tickler ‘Sugar’ is not a large dildo by any means. I’m talking diameter, which is 1 1/8 inch (more like 1 inch) and circumference which is 3½ inches. The length is a good 7 ½ inches with insert-able length at 6 ¼ inches. It weighs ½ lb. I don’t think we’ll be traveling together.

Will it fit?

If you want big hunk of burning love, you might want to look for a different toy. So, length is very good, the girth is kind of weak, unless you like your toys on the more narrow size, then you will love it. I, on the other hand, am finding out I like more girth in my dildos and vibes. But hey, that’s just me.

What do I use to make it slippery?

You can use almost anything to lube it up, water in the shower or bath, your own saliva or your partners and oil and water based lubricants are good choices with ‘Taffy Tickler Sugar’. Do not, however, use silicone lube with your ‘Taffy Tickler Sugar’ since the ticklers are made of silicone. No silicone on silicone, not good, it will damage your ticklers and we can’t have any of that!

How am I going to clean it?

Easy, you can use soap and warm water or toy cleaner. But, my favorite way to get it nice and clean is to: first I wash it with soap and water then, I like to sterilize it by putting it in boiling water for 2 or 3 minutes.
                                                   'Boil that dust speck!’
Oh, you can even put Taffy on the top rack of the dishwasher. How about that, easy hah?

What am I going to keep it in?

It came in a clear plastic ‘clam shell’ type package. Very easy to open, you just pull the top open. I hate when you have to fight to get the package open and then it’s all ripped up and there’s no way you can reuse it. Not the case here. You’ll be able to store it back in its package. It does come with a pamphlet inside that gives you some very general info, everything that I’ve already covered.

So, you want to know how to have some fun?

Well, since your Taffy Tickler can be used women and men, you can do lots of things with your Taffy. How about some temperature play? If you like it cold in your cooch or low temp in your tush just put Taffy Tickler in icy water or your freezer for a few minutes.

Glass dildo with silicone tickler rings.But, if you want to get things a little heated then hold Taffy Tickler under warm tap water for a couple of minutes or microwave it in short 3-5 second intervals. That will get your hungry holes all warmed up. Now, you’re really to lube it up. Don’t forget, NO silicone lube, anything else is fine. So, go ahead. What are you going to try first? Taffy in your tush, candy in your coochy or tickle your ta tas? I suggest you try them all!

Oh, you want to know what I liked about Taffy?

Well, as I said before I found Taffy to be a little on the narrow side to be candy for my coochy. It just felt very odd and I just wasn’t getting good feelings from the ticklers. It was too rough to me. For my coochy, I would like it better if it was all glass.

I decided to try Taffy in my tushy. Now, that was pretty wild and a new experience for me. I have to say I enjoyed that more than candy in my coochy. The ticklers really add a whole different sensation. You should definitely give Taffy a try in your tushy.
So, there you go, everything you wanted to know about Taffy Tickler - Silicone Sugar.

Now, go have some fun!!

product picture
Glass dildo by Topco
Material: Cyberglass™
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let it go and go with the flow. YES YES YES!!

An informative guide to help women find and stimulate their G-Spots and experience female ejaculation.I'm reading this great book called Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot. It was a suggested to me by a friend that I learn about female ejaculation in hopes of improving my husbands and my relationship, sexually and otherwise.

I ordered this book from EdenFantasys. I really had not heard of any such thing as female ejaculation so, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. Well, let me tell you what a very enlighting experience has begun within myself.

The author, Deborah Sundahl is an expert on female ejaculation. She was co publisher for a women's erotic magazine, an erotic dancer, has written and lectured and has also made top selling videos on female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Deborah adds a lot of her own experiences and real experiences of other women and men. She explains what learning about female ejaculation and your G-spot can do for you and how every woman can benefit from it, even women that already ejaculate. The book is divided into 3 parts and 9 chapters.

Part one is on th phenomenon of female Ejaculation.
In the first chapter she takes you into one of her female ejaculation workshops. Which is very interesting, you feel like you’re there with the other women. In the second chapter you learn how to identify your G-spot and other important sexual parts of your anatomy. You'll learn about the three different types of orgasms (clitoral, G-spot & uterine), the role your G-spot has in female ejaculation, your G-spot nerve and about your pelvic muscles. There are several illustrations on the female anatomy. The third chapter is about the ancient history of female ejaculation.

Part two is about teaching techniques.
Now the good stuff starts when in chapter four she teaches you how to test the strength and flexibility of your PC muscles. If they are weak she gives you exercises to strengthen and build healthy PC muscles that will allow you to let your sexual energy to flow freely. You learn step by step how to find and stimulate your G-spot. Basically you are learning about yourself and about the pleasure and feelings that make YOU feel good. When you have this down, she takes you step by step how into ejaculating without an orgasm. Then it gets even better in chapter five when you learn step by step how to ejaculate with an orgasm. It just keeps getting better when in chapter six you then bring your partner into the picture and begin to ease them in on all you've learned. She includes the best positions for ejaculating. The best is chapter seven when your partner learns how to find and stimulate your G-spot and the techniques to pleasure and stimulate your G-spot to help you to ejaculate during lovemaking. Sweet, hah? The ultimate pleasure!

Part three is healing the G-spot and includes a lovemaking scene.
Now, as you go through this sexual awakening and learn all about your G-spot and ejaculation, if you experience any pain or negative feelings she goes though how you can reawaken your G-spot and heal emotional and sexual blocks so you are able to open up again to pleasure and energy with the use of G-spot massage. She walks you through how it is done. She'll take you inside a sexual healing/G-spot massage session that she sat in on with Jwala (one of the most progressive and well educated sexual wellness experts) and Tantric/sexual healer, Victor Gold when Jwala felt menopause was causing blocks and shutting down her sexual energy and desires. A very informative chapter! In chapter nine she goes though an ejaculation lovemaking scene and the connection to yourself and your partner. Then she recaps all that you've learned. In the very back of the book is a glossary, references and a wealth of resources.

This author is very positive and open in her goal to help women reconnect with their sexual energy through teaching awareness and plain and clear techniques to discover your G-spot and learn to ejaculate. She encourages you to keep a G-spot & ejaculation journal of your explorations, emotions and experiences. They can be in writing or even personal art, just way to express your feelings. There’s even a section on G-spot sex toys.

I have learned so many things about myself from reading this book. Like, for years when my husband and I would have a longer lovemaking session, I’d always think I needed to stop and go pee. When I got to the toilet I’d pee a drop or nothing at all. Little did I know that my husband was stimulating my G-spot go much that, what I really needed to do was ejaculate. WOW, I just had no idea. I sure wish I had known that then. By the way, ejaculate is not pee but gives you a feeling like that. I can attest that every woman can learn how to ejaculate and every woman should embrace this right. I can now ejaculate and welcome this intense pleasure. As of yet, I’m not quite ready to bring my husband in on my new discovery. I’m still working on my techniques and healing a couple of blocks and learning to relax more. I’ll be posting on my blog from time to time on my progress, emotions and experiences. So, stay tuned for more.

I highly recommend this book to every woman and their partners. We all need to discover the power within us, not to mention the most intense arousal, most intense pleasure and damn it’s just so good and we want the wildest, wettest and deepest orgasms we can possibly have. Right?

So, go order Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot from your favorite toy store.. Can you I love this book? I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks!

product picture
Book by Deborah Sundahl
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hunter House Publishers